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NAB 2024: JVC Talks New PTZ Cams and 12-channel vMix Studio Switcher

JVC's Alicia Reed discusses key features of JVC's KY-PZ510 and KY-PZ540 PTZ cams--including extra-narrow zoom, 广角角, and smart auto-tracking--as well as JVC's new 12-channel vMix Studio Switcher with NDI, SRT, and SDI support in this interview with 流媒体's Marc Franklin from the JVC booth at NAB 2024.

NAB 2024: BirdDog Talks X1 and X1 Ultra PTZs and MAKI Box Camera

BirdDog创始人 & CEO Dan Miall discusses BirdDog's newest camera offerings--the X1 and X1 Ultra PTZs and the MAKI Ultra box camera--in this interview with 流媒体's Shawn Lam from the BirdDog booth at NAB 2024.

NAB 2024:艾伦 & Heath Talks CQ Series Digital Audio Mixers

艾伦 & Heath Marketing Specialist Richard Starr gives viewers a close-up look at 艾伦 & Heath's CQ Series digital audio mixers with their touchscreen and physical controls, 自动混音器, 会议预设, 车库乐队, 和更多的, and remote operation capabilities in this interview with 流媒体's Shawn Lam from the 艾伦 & 2024年NAB的Heath booth.

NAB 2024: Blackmagic Design, SMPTE 2110, and Video Over IP

In this interview from the Blackmagic Design booth at NAB 2024, Blackmagic Design's Bob Caniglia and 流媒体's Shawn Lam discuss how Blackmagic is enabling producers to convert 4K and HD signals to SMPTE 2110 so they can move content across IP networks, with their new open-source 2110 IP codec and new 10 gig port-equipped Blackmagic Design cameras that support it like the PYXIS 6K and the URSA Cine 12K.

NAB 2024: vMix Talks vMix 27 and Zoom Integration

Among the key features of vMix 27 are Zoom integration, enabling remote streaming producers to bring in (theoretically) an unlimited number of remote guests, vMix Senior Systems Engineer Heath Barker reports in this interview with 流媒体's Shawn Lam in the vMix booth at NAB. Barker also does a quick hands-on demo of how the feature works.

NAB 2024: PTZOptics Talks Hive Studio and Remote Camera Control

PTZOptics Director of Technology Matthew Davis discusses Hive Studio, PTZOptics new cloud-based remote camera control solution, in this interview with 流媒体's Shawn Lam at NAB 2024.


关于ATSC 3的问题很多.0,又名下一代电视:是OTA吗? 是不是太过了?? 是中央电视台吗?? 我的电视能播放吗? Is it coming for streaming with its promise of new lean-forward, interactive consumer experiences and addressable advertising? Where does it overlap with OTT and FAST, and what does it offer viewers that they aren't getting from OTA TV now? ATSC主席Madeleine Noland, E.W. 克里·奥斯朗德, 辛克莱首席信息官Scott Ehrlich说, and Dillon Media Ventures' Rob Dillon explore these questions 和更多的 in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

NAB 2024: Atomos谈论忍者手机

在NAB 2024的展厅里, Shawn Lam of 流媒体 and SLV Live interviews Atomos CEO Jeromy Young about the new Atomos Ninja Phone, which turns an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max into a 1600nit, 10位, 2,000,000:1的对比度, 460 ppi, HDR OLED, ProRes monitor-recorder for any pro HDMI camera.

How Can Sports Streaming Surpass Broadcast and Cable?

The first measure of sports streaming success is replicating the cable/broadcast experience, but AWS' Julie Neenan Souza insists that sports streamers should be aiming higher when it comes to leveraging streaming's core strengths, from interactivity to betting to personalization to live ecommerce. Meanwhile ViewLift's Chance 梅森 contends that the key to next-level sports streaming delivery is streaming infrastructure companies like AWS embracing their emerging role as D2C media companies and partnering with sports leagues and sports rights holders at that level. Souza, 梅森, and Altman Solon's Matt del Percio discuss these and other emerging opportunities for sports streaming in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

Brand Identity and Multiplatform Streaming Apps

How important is maintaining brand identity and differentiation in streaming UX and app design, 多么重要, 甚至不可能或不明智, is it to sustain a consistent look and feel across different platforms? And how crucial is branding in the overall fan experience, or building a fan base for the content associated with your brand? YouTube电视台的埃丝特·安报道, 麦哲伦电视台的James Lauzun报道, and Crunchyroll的Tom Hurlbutt weigh in, in this discussion with Reality Software's Nadine Krefetz at 流媒体连接2024.

How Globo Handles Latency Costs for Live Sports Streaming at Scale

When it comes to implementing streaming tech for large-scale, 高赌注的体育直播, often decisions around managing latency are driven as much by cost concerns as network conditions, 观众的期望, 诸如此类. 全球数字产品,平台 & Adtech Manager Jonas Ribeiro reveals the latency Globo delivers on typical sports streams at scale and what factors into those numbers in this discussion with Eyevinn Technology's Magnus Svensson at 流媒体连接2024.

CBS体育如何应对云vs. 预置流工作流

Most of the essential elements of streaming workflows and architecture are moving toward the cloud, but the fundamental question driving streaming workflow development should always be not how do we migrate this or that process to the cloud, but what will serve the production and the viewer best, according to CBS Sports Senior Director, Advanced Production Technology Corey Smith, who breaks down these questions in this discussion with Eyevinn Technology's Magnus Svensson from 流媒体连接2024.


可以说, the two biggest challenges in the FAST ecosystem are managing the ad experience and delivering ROI for the brands that support the platform. 专家, from Fremantle's Laura Florence to Fuse Media's Patrick Courtney to Media Cartographer Evan Shapiro, agree that standardizing the data they collect and delivering on the promise of programmatic advertising is the key to making it all work. But as this clip from 流媒体连接2024 reveals, it's easier said than done.

Walmart’s Vizio Acquisition and the Future of FAST

What do Walmart's recent acquisition of Vizio and rumors of Amazon Prime absorbing Freevee tell us about the state of the FAST ecosystem? How can companies like Tubi and Fremantle optimize their FAST offerings in a shifting media landscape? Tubi's Sam Harowitz and Fremantle's Laura Florence offer their takes in this discussion with Media Cartographer Evan Shapiro at 流媒体连接2024.

AWS, ViewLift & Altman Solon on the State of Sports Media 2024

Live sports is the last appointment viewing left in the media world, 但与此同时, chaos reigns in the realms of licensing and rights and the ability of streaming consumers to access the games they want to see. AWS Head of Sports Julie Neenan Souza, ViewLift副总裁Chance 梅森, and Altman Solon Director Matt DelPercio discuss the current state of sports media in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.


How close to obsolescence is AVC in 2024, with AV1 and other more efficient and increasingly well-established "emerging" codecs like VP9 and HEVC on the rise? Meta的Hassene Tmar, Netflix的安德烈·诺金说, AMD的肖恩·加德纳, and 帮助我流媒体的蒂姆·西格林 weigh in during this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

Giving Users Control in Streaming App Design

How important is it for streaming users and viewers to be able to customize, 个性化, and curate their experiences with streaming apps? And what are product designers doing to facilitate those types of experiences? YouTube电视台的埃丝特·安报道, Crunchyroll的Tom Hurlbutt, and Magellan TV's James Lauzun offer their takes in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

How Premium Sports Streaming Licensing Will Shake Out in 2024 and Beyond

As the prices paid for top-tier sports streaming rights continue to reach astronomical levels, and the potential disruption created by the blockbuster ESPN/Fox/Warner Bros. joint venture (popularly termed "Spulu") teased in February, what sports licensing will look like as 2024 rolls on and who will be able to afford it is anybody's guess. Will it play out differently in the U.S. 和欧洲? And as costs are passed on to users, why wouldn't sports fans just stick with cable? Find out what top analysts like ESHAP's Evan Shapiro, 我是保罗·埃里克森, Dataxis的Ophelie Boucaud说, 以及TVREV的艾伦·沃尔克, say in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

How to Design Streaming Apps and UX Strategically in 2024

What does it take to be a streaming app designer and director of product in 2024? 根据YouTube电视台的埃斯特·安的说法, Crunchyroll的Tom Hurlbutt, 以及菲罗的布兰登·雅普, embracing the evolution of that role means rolling with ongoing changes in the device ecosystem, viewer behavior and device preferences, and the modernization of the TV viewing experiences, as they discuss in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.

How to Solve Interactive Streaming’s Latency Challenges

What are the biggest challenges to delivering successful large-scale interactive live streams, particularly achieving the requisite low latency, 以及适用的技术解决方案? 纳米宇宙公司首席执行官奥利弗·莱茨说, 帮助我流媒体的蒂姆·西格林, and Motoworlds' Darcy Lorincz identify real-world interactive streaming problems and how to address them and deliver high-quality user experiences from traditional streaming to the metaverse in this clip from 流媒体连接2024.